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Our league needs volunteers to exist. Without help, the league cannot offer the many opportunities that are available to our children. Please remember that everyone involved in this league is a volunteer. Coaches and Assistant Coaches: These are chosen by the Division Coordinators. If you are interested in coaching please contact the coordinators as soon as possible. Team Mom (or Dad): If you would like to be a team parent please talk to your coach, as it is the coach’s decision. There should be one team mom for each team and duties vary depending on the coach.


All Travel Teams are required to do team participation in the spring or in the fall in order to receive their $400 training money. It is up to the coach or team parent to schedule their team with the participation coordinator. It is scheduled on a first come first serve basis, and as we now have almost 50 teams, the schedule fills up fast. Spring and Fall participation can be done in one of the following ways:

Field Setup and Takedown

This consists of setting up the Burr fields during the intramural season, putting out goals, garbage pails, flags, etc, and taking them down in the afternoon. The time for this is 7:30-9:30 and 2:30-4:30. This requires 4 parents. Children are allowed to help in addition to the parents, but we must have 4 parents there because children are not allowed to drive the golf carts.

Field Work

The Commack Soccer League is known for our great fields. This is only possible with help from volunteers. Teams can do this with as many parents as they want, but the more they have, the faster it gets done. This is usually done on Saturdays. It consists of anything from putting out the large goals before the start of the season, putting them away at the end, spreading dirt or fertilizer, clearing brush, or just about anything that is needed.

No money will be sent to a team that has not submitted their team financial statement.

Commack Soccer League “ZERO TOLERANCE” Policy:

The Commack Soccer League has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to the conduct displayed towards our referees.This policy has been CLEARLY explained to EVERY COACH during the Intramural Drafts which take place at the start of the Fall season. All our referees are to be treated respectfully by all coaches and parents. They are not to be yelled at or have their calls questioned. If there appears to be an issue with a referee, a coach should send someone to find the Board Member on duty to come over and observe the remainder of the game.


Intramural Rules of Play:

All Intramural games will follow the FIFA rules of play, with the exception of the following:

There will be NO OFF SIDES rule enforced.
(With the exception of the B division games where the offside rules will be enforced)

Any foul committed will result in an INDIRECT KICK. There will be NO DIRECT PENALTY KICKS AWARDED.

As adopted in 2016, there will be NO INTENTIONAL HEADING of a ball in any Intramural game. This call will be made at the discretion of the referee. Any headed ball will result in an INDIRECT KICK awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the violation.


Please remember, we DO NOT keep scores or standings in the Intramural Divisions. These games are meant to be instructional, developmental, and fun for all the players.As always, we expect our players, coaches, and parents to display sportsmanship at all times. Please do not RUN UP scores!!

In the event a team goes ahead by more than 4 goals, the opposing team may add an additional player on the field until the lead drops beneath the 4 goal differential. This is up to the discretion of the trailing coach.



The Commack High School Goal Club promotes soccer in the Commack Public Schools through close cooperation and support of the soccer program at Commack High School. The Goal Club encourages active parent participation and positive encouragement of sportsmanship of the young men and women at the high school level.

Officers List:



Natalie Sicoli



Kim Dickerson



Jen Abshire

631 766-3130


Melanie Yopp


VP-Graphics/Memory Book

Shari Hatcher


Past Presidents – Kathy Gilbert – Caryn Silverstein – Elvin Talbot – Jan Brandenberger – Scott Vidiri – Marlene Kasman – Elissa Tamburello – Jackie Fleischhacker

2015 Team Representatives


Upcoming Events


Goal Club Meeting
Wednesday 9/2 at 7:30pm CHS Room 103 and Monday 9/21 at 7:30pm CHS Room 103


Boys Varsity:
Danny Mihnovich Memorial Game and first home game 9/5 10:00am vs. Kings Park
Senior Game 10/21 4:00pm vs. Longwood


Girls Varsity:
Kicks for Cancer 10/14 4:00pm vs. William Floyd
Senior Game 10/20 4:15pm vs. Ward Melville


Alumni Game on Homecoming Weekend!
Sun. 9/27 8:30 am check in
Please register at commackhsgoalclub@aol.com