Code Of Conduct


TEAM PLAY’S goal is to ensure the soccer experience in Commack is enjoyable for everyone:

The Players

Their Parents

Their Coaches

Their Referees

Their Guests

With this in mind, and the fact that most people have never been exposed to soccer until their child has joined the Commack Soccer League, we have designed the following handbook to answer questions and outline a code of conduct for all participants.


Soccer is a great team sport because each player and their position are active and of equal importance.

Player Bill of Rights

Have FUN in both practice and games. Create a positive experience even when losing

Parents Commitment

Make sure your child attends both practices and games. Attendance and timeliness teach responsibility and foster team spirit

The Coaches

A coach can be many things to different people. A coach is a teacher, a mentor, and a role model.

The Referees

Between the exuberance of the winner and the disappointment of the loser, we find a person called a referee.

The Fields

Each team’s coaches, players and spectators will take a position on opposite sides of the field during the game.