President’s Tryout Letter

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PO Box 396, Commack, NY 11725-0396

I know it seems like the season has just started, but before we know it, the tryouts will be upon us.  The entire Commack Soccer League Board is committed to making substantial improvements to the entire process.  We are hopeful that continued communication will help to answer as many questions as possible.  We have begun this task by sending out the Travel Tryout Guidelines in advance of the tryouts and hopefully the information below will continue to answer any of your questions and concerns about the tryout process. We are also in the process of putting in place an automated notification system for the tryout results. More information will follow as it becomes available.

Our ultimate goal as a community based soccer club is to find a place for every player to play on a team equal to that players’ skill level.  We as a league accomplish this goal by offering several levels of play for all our players, from Intramurals to the Academy Level of play.

The Board would like EVERYONE to understand that we will form as many non-Academy CSL Level Travel teams(U10 and above) as we have a sufficient number of players interested and volunteers available to form these teams!!  The Academy Level of play is NOT the only level of play, but an OPTION for those interested and is NOT A REQUIREMENT for everyone!!

Below is a brief description of the levels of play offered by the CSL. 

Please keep in mind that it is ALWAYS a family decision to accept or decline a roster spot on ANY CSL team, INCLUDING an Academy Level  team.

  • INTRAMURALS: (2008-2011): For those players who do not make a travel team or who do not want the commitment of training and traveling to games each week.
  • CSL DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM: (Year of Birth 2010): One team, both boys and girls, will be formed in May from the pool of players currently participating in the CSL Developmental Program
  • CSL TRAVEL LEVEL TEAMS: (Year of Birth 2006-2009): Teams are formed from players attending the pool tryouts conducted in June by the CSL.  Players will be placed on teams based on their evaluation through the tryout process.  The number of teams formed will be determined by the CSL based on the number of players attending the tryout for the age group, the skill level of the players in the age group, and the number of parent volunteers willing to become administrators for the teams.  All tryouts for teams playing in 2005 or older age groups will have tryouts conducted by the individual teams.
  • CSL Pre-ACADEMY LEVEL TEAMS U9 through U11 : (Year of Birth 2007-2009)The top 2 teams selected in these age groups will be considered CSL “PRE-ACADEMY” teams and will play and train at a higher level.  Players on these teams will be required to devote a higher level of commitment when accepting a spot on these teams.  There may also be additional training and tournament expenses associated with accepting a roster spot on these teams.  We encourage players to accept rosters spots on these teams at the younger age groups if offered, HOWEVER, ACCEPTING A SPOT ON THESE TEAMS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, BUT AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE!!
  • U12 (2006 year of birth) and OLDER ACADEMY AND CSL TRAVEL LEVEL TEAMS:  Players at these age groups will have the opportunity to attend a SEPERATE tryout for an Academy Level Team.  These Academy teams will play at the highest levels and require the highest level of commitment to training, participation in tournaments, and travel. In addition, these teams will also require a significantly higher financial commitment.  The Academy level of play should only be for those players and families who want to play at the highest levels and are willing to make a 100% commitment to playing only soccer.  The Academy Level of play is NOT for everyone!!!

Our By Laws state that “ it shall be the object of this organization to foster, promote and advance the cause of junior soccer.”

We as a Board are confident by offering players every option to play at their desired skill and commitment level, we can and will accomplish this task.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we strive to promote youth soccer in Commack.


Nick Simone


Commack Soccer League