PeeWee Training


Pee Wee Fall 2016 Developmental Training Program

Note: This is an optional training program provided at additional cost.

It is not required in order to participate in the Sunday Intramural PeeWee Program.

Training is being conducted by Long Island United Soccer:

*Certified teachers and coaches running the sessions.

*Dynamic warm-ups and Locomotor skill acquisition.

*Introduction to Soccer Skills through the use of games and fun activities.

*Great for beginners to be comfortable with soccer in a pressure-free setting

*Scrimmage time to give the players more time in a game-like setting.

*Reinforces soccer skills needed for Sunday Pee Wee Games.

*Fun time with kids in the same community helping to establish healthy lifestyles and lasting friendships.

*Low coach to player ratios to ensure individual attention and safety

*More tactical skill training for 5 year olds